Quality & Certifications

Our company policy, always faithful to the high quality philosophy, ensures complete product safety.

Quality & Certifications

Quality and food safety are the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat guide us and which become our daily working method starting with the selection of our trusted suppliers.

The continuous checks on the supply chain and the production chain are numerous at all stages, guaranteeing complete traceability.

Quality and safety of our honey and our products are the basis of our philosophy. The very short supply chain allows us to control every single step and guarantee complete traceability of the raw materials, in full compliance with the legislation regulating food safety.

Our own collection centers allow us to directly control the entire supply chain process, ensuring complete product traceability.

We collaborate with the most prestigious national and European laboratories for the research of medicinal-veterinary substances, physico-chemical analyses, sugar analyses, adulteration and GMO research analyses.

All our products are certified for the organic method and have supported and successfully passed the rigid procedures for obtaining Kosher and Halal recognition, a guarantee of total absence of risks of cross-contamination and added value of which the best Italian and international brands benefit. international.