The Boletus Mushrooms

Organic Boletus of the Carpatian Mountains of Transilvania - Romania

We entrust the collection of Porcini mushrooms to local communities who, following a century-old tradition, move to the mountains for the entire harvest period to dedicate themselves completely to this activity. These natural forests are home to the continent's largest remaining eco-natural systems of beech and mixed beech-conifer forests, as well as the largest expanse of virgin forest.

The fast harvesting and processing times allow us to offer a product of notable quality, capable of maintaining its characteristics and unmistakable aroma unaltered.

As soon as the mushrooms are harvested, they are immediately taken to our ISO 22000 - ISO 9001 certified company where they are cleaned, frozen and dried.

Controlled supply chain: all production phases are controlled through inspection visits and analytical checks, all production batches are identified, analyzed and subjected to control in accordance with the provisions of current legislation regarding the hygiene of food products (HACCP).

Lot traceability: each collector is chosen and controlled thanks to identification codes. The GMP and HACCP system of the company of origin certifies the traceability of the lot and the management-control of the physical-chemical, microbiological, hygienic-sanitary characteristics of the mushrooms along the entire supply chain from the forest to marketing.

Organic Certification: the blueberries are certified organic in accordance with the "USDA National Organic Program" and certified by an institution accredited by Sincert UNI CEI EN 45011 for the certification of Organic Product.

Upon receipt, each production batch is checked according to control plans of visual tests, physical tests, organoleptic tests, chemical tests, toxicological tests, microbiological tests.