The Boletus Mushrooms
Organic Boletus of the Carpatian Mountains of Transilvania - Romania

Lattanzi Srl gathers the Boletus mushroom in uncontaminated areas in Italy and in Carpathians mountains in Transilvania, Fast processing and transport times allows us to offer a superior quality product and which retains its characteristics unaltered.

The variety of mushrooms are: the Boletus (boletus-edulis, boletus-pinophilus, boletus-reticulatus) and Chantarellus.

Continuous control process: all the production stages are checked through inspection visits and controls, all the Lots of the production are identified and analysed in accordance with the HACCP system.

Lot traceability: each gatherer is chosen and controlled by the identification codes. The HACCP and GMP control systems from the original company certificates the traceability of the lots and the control of the chemical, physical and microbiological parameters.

The Boletus Mushrooms
Dried Organic Boletus Dried Organic Boletus
from Carpatian mountains of Transilvania
Fresh Organic Boletus Fresh Organic Boletus
from Carpatian mountains in Transilvania
Deep Frozen Organic Boletus Deep Frozen Organic Boletus
Deep froozen Organic Boletus mushrooms from Carpatian Mountains in Transilvania