The Honey
Italian Honey - European Honey - Honey from Carpatian Mountains of Transilvania
with Kosher Certification

Kinds of honey


From Italy: Acacia honey, Polyflora honey, Forest honey, Chestnut honey, Citrus honey, Eucalyptus honey, Honeysuckle, Dandelion honey, Rape honey, Thistle honey, Multiflowers mountain honey.

From other European Union countries: Acacia honey, Polyflora honey, Forest honey, Raspberry honey, Mint honey, Coriander honey.

Lattanzi Honey is Kosher certified in accordance with the observance of the Kashrùt diet.

Honey Quality Assurance


Our stringent quality system includes:

- Residues controls

- Internal and external audits

- Controls of incoming and outgoing goods

- Continuous production control

- Chemical and bacteriological checks

- Chemical and bacteriological analysis are carried out by external national laboratories

- OGM control


Honey is purified, liquefied, homogenized and standardized according to customer's requirements.

The Honey
Honey in Buckets Honey in Buckets
Honey in Buckets kg 10, kg 25
Kosher Certified
Tanks Tanks
Honey in Tanks of kg 900 - kg 1000
Kosher Certified
Portions Portions
Honey in Portions & Blisters
Kosher certified
Jars Jars
Honey in Jars gr. 1000, gr. 500, gr. 30
Kosher certified
Inox Containers Inox Containers
Honey in Containers
Kosher Certified
Barrels Barrels
Honey in Barrels of kg 300
Kosher Certified