The Honey

Italian Honey - European Honey - Honey from the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania with ORGANIC Certification, KOSHER Certification, HALAL Certification

Lattanzi collects honey in pristine areas far from sources of pollution in Italy and Europe. We make use of historic and certified partners capable of providing us with safe and top quality honey.

Many of the rare honeys such as Mint honey, Raspberry honey or Amorpha honey come from our collection centers in the area of ​​the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania.

The Carpathian Mountains area is home to the largest remaining eco-natural systems on the continent of beech forests and mixed beech and conifer forests, as well as the largest expanse of virgin forest. Having survived to this day without having undergone human intervention, they are one of the highest examples of uncontaminated nature.

Lattanzi honey is Kosher certified, produced in compliance with the Jewish Kashrùt diet.

Lattanzi honey is Halal certified, produced in compliance with the ethical standards and doctrine of the Islamic religion.

Our customers are among the most prestigious confectionery and food industries. marketing; pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.

Types of honey:
Honeys from Italy: Chestnut, Eucalyptus, Rapeseed, Citrus, Honeydew, Sulla, Linden, Acacia, Wildflower.
Honeys of EU origin: Polyflora, Acacia, Forest, Raspberry, Mint, Coriander.

The safety of Lattanzi honey:
Controlled supply chain: Lattanzi controls all production phases, they are controlled through inspection visits and analytical checks, all batches of each beekeeping are analyzed and documented.

Lot traceability: each beekeeping is chosen and controlled thanks to identification codes. The GMP and HACCP system of the company of origin certifies the traceability of the batch and the management-control of the physical-chemical, microbiological, hygienic-sanitary characteristics of the honey along the entire supply chain from the field to marketing.

Control on residues and the presence of GMOs (genetically modified organisms): on each batch a first control is carried out by internal laboratories, a second control is carried out by the state laboratory of the country of origin, a third control is concluded by the Health Authority of Italian Public Law.

We collaborate with accredited laboratories in Italy and abroad to guarantee the safety and quality of our honey. Each batch of honey is accompanied by physico-chemical analyses, research on medicinal-veterinary residues, sugar analyzes and GMO analyzes in compliance with the European legislation that regulates the marketing of honey.