Wild blueberries

Organic wild blueberries from the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania

We harvest our blueberries in the virgin forests of Transylvania. Having survived to this day without having undergone human intervention, they are one of the highest examples of uncontaminated nature.

Our blueberries are wild, they do not come from cultivation and for this reason they are characterized by their strong nutritional and organoleptic properties.
They are small fleshy berries, of a blue-purple color tending towards black and are rich in flavonoids anthocyanosides (anthocyanins), vitamins, sugars and pectins.

We entrust their harvesting to the skill of the local communities who, following a centuries-old tradition, move into the woods for the entire summer period to dedicate themselves completely to this activity. The harvest takes place entirely manually through the use of special combs capable of detaching the berries from the shrubs without the fruit being damaged.

The freshly harvested blueberries are quickly transported to our ISO 9001 - ISO 22000 certified laboratory where they are promptly washed, cleaned and frozen in IQF, maintaining the characteristics and high quality of the product unaltered.

Controlled supply chain: All production phases are controlled through inspection visits and analytical checks, all production batches are identified, analyzed and subjected to control in accordance with the provisions of current legislation regarding the hygiene of food products (HACCP).

Lot traceability: each collector is chosen and controlled thanks to identification codes. The GMP and HACCP system of the company of origin certifies the traceability of the lot and the management-control of the physical-chemical, microbiological, hygienic-sanitary characteristics along the entire supply chain from the forest to marketing.

Freezing with the IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) process, a cryogenic freezing process which allows the final result to be a product which retains more than 95% of the physical and nutritional properties of the fresh product.

Organic Certification: the blueberries are certified organic in accordance with the "USDA National Organic Program" and certified by an institution accredited by Sincert UNI CEI EN 45011 for the certification of Organic Product.