Organic shelled walnuts

Organic shelled walnuts

Shelled walnuts from Transylvania - Organic and Halal certified

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In Transylvania, an organic way of life still survives, miraculously surviving the advent of modern times.

In the back of their houses, on the opposite side of the barn, there are vegetable gardens, orchards, walnut trees and small cultivable plots.

Beyond the villages are fields covered in wildflowers, including some varieties that appear to grow nowhere else in Europe; finally you arrive at the oak and beech woods that cover the sides of steep hills.

It is in these villages that we collect our walnuts, house by house.

They are spontaneous, uncultivated nuts, which carry within them the tradition and work of this corner of land.

We contribute with our work to keeping alive this centuries-old tradition which still today represents the major source of livelihood of these villages.

Immediately after harvesting, the walnuts are taken to our ISO 9001 - ISO 22000 certified laboratory in Transylvania where they are subjected to long and meticulous cleaning and selection work.

As soon as the manufacturing process is completed, the nuts are promptly vacuum-packed, so as to keep their fragrance and freshness characteristics unaltered.

Characteristics of the kernels:

  • healthy (products affected by rot or which present alterations that make them unfit for consumption are excluded);
  • consistent;
  • clean, practically free of visible foreign substances;
  • free of insects and mites, whatever their stage of development;
  • free from parasite attacks;
  • free from rancidity and non-oily in appearance;
  • free of mold;
  • free from abnormal external humidity;
  • free from foreign odor and/or taste;
  • developed normally;
  • atrophied kernels are excluded.

Available vacuum packed in 5kg and 10kg packs.
Hazelnuts in shell

Hazelnuts in shell

Origin Transylvania

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