The Honey

The Honey

Quality from uncontaminated nature

we carefully and rigorously select our beekeepers to collect the finest honeys in Italy and Europe, respecting beekeeping culture and bio-diversity. Each monofloral and polyfloral honey brings with it the taste, scent and aroma of the flowers and nectars from which the bees have foraged.

Wild Blueberries

Wild Blueberries

Organic wild blueberries

We harvest our blueberries in the virgin forests of Transylvania. Having survived to this day without having undergone human intervention, they are one of the highest examples of uncontaminated nature.



Wild nuts collected by Transylvanian families

We collect our nuts directly from the many farming families who live a lifestyle that has miraculously survived the advent of modern times.



Porcini mushrooms from the Carpathian mountains

We entrust the harvesting to local communities who, following a centuries-old tradition, move to the mountains for the entire harvesting period to dedicate themselves completely to this activity. These natural forests are home to the continent's largest remaining eco-natural systems of beech and mixed beech-conifer forests, as well as the largest expanse of virgin forest.

75 years of experience and quality

Our honey production chain

  • Selection of producers

    Traceability and full control of the production chain

  • Quality control

    Full compliance with the most stringent food safety requirements

  • Production and packaging

    Supervision of the entire production cycle in compliance with the physical-chemical and organoleptic characteristics.

  • Storage and logistics

    Storage in dedicated warehouses and transport with certified vehicles

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